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iTunes doesn't pass Windows Logo Certification

itunes for windows won't recognize blank cds!

Itunes Freezes My Computer

Itunes incompatibility

iTunes is completely unresponsive whenever opened

iTunes installer interupted . again

iTunes Problem. Could be vista

iTunes Uninstall Problem

iTunes won't install

iTunes won't update and I can't uninstall

Itunes wont update or uninstall

iTunes/Quicktime Vista 64 Issue

Itunes/Quicktime will not install

I've got issues with XP Antivirus and NTOS.exe and cannot reboot now

i've had the same problem since windows 10 and cant solve it

I've Lost the Windows Calculator

I've lost my administrative abililties + control panel!

I've screwed up my computer at work

Japanese Language Support problem

Japanese Text Display Problem

japanese text are just boxes!

Javaur32.exe/explorer.exe Problems

Jerky email scrolling

Jerky mouse and stuttering sound

Jerky Sound & Vision

Joining Workgroup

Joystick Calibration and such

joystick won't work

Joysticks aren't recognized

JPEG / Desktop issue

Jpegs won't show.

JPG Dimensions in Explorer Disappeared

Jumping cursor & freezing laptop. Ugh!

Jumping Folder Contents

Jumpy Internet and Email:

junk popups firing uninstalled IE

Just downloaded W10.

Just installed Win10. The startup screen is flashing. My PC is unuseable.

Just Lost all Hotmail saved emails+ folders

Just lost all files/folders in my Documents folder

Just Reinstalled Windows Need Sound Back

Just Restarted

Just upgraded and now cannot connect to Display settings

Just upgraded 2000 to XP; Windows auto-updates don't work.

just upgraded to 1511

Just Upgraded!

Kaspersky works with?

KB3163018 win10 update on laptop with linux as other system

Keep a window focused while we can still use the other one.


keep getting error message on shut down

Keep getting HotKey.exe PowrProf.dll error

Keep having to repair LAN for internet to work. Please help?

Keeping default settings in Operating System

Keeping window folders in Details view

Keeps booting from cd during xp install

Kernal-Power crash

Kernel Date Error Sound lost

kernel32.dll and ntdll.dll errors.

Kernel-Power Event ID: 41 Category (63)

Kernel-Power 41 Errors on new computer

Keyboard and Mouse Errors

Keyboard and mouse software problem

Keyboard and Mouse USB jumping issue

Keyboard and touchpad freeze after start typing

Keyboard characters interchanged

Keyboard calculator key problem

Keyboard config and taskbar problem.

Keyboard crashes certain programs

Keyboard issues after upgrade

Keyboard key linked to Volume?

keyboard keys disabled

Keyboard loses focus

Keyboard Media Button Mapping

Keyboard not working after switching off narrator

Keyboard not working after Windows 10 upgrade

Keyboard problem after Windows Update

Keyboard takes a while to be recognised on bootup

keyboard wont do anything for 10 sec

Keyboard&mouse don't wake up

Keygen Guru DL now have BSOD at log in

Key-logger problems.

Keypad and Touchpad freezes as soon as Windows boots up and the login window appears

Keystroke Logger and Snooping

Kicked my IBM T-40 with winXP on ground accidently

Kid's User account?!?

klez doesn't delete w/Norton AV

Kmode Exception Mode & Kernel-Mode 41 (Windows 10)

kmode_exception_not_handled (blue screen w2k pro)

know any good firewals for slow 98?

KOTOR problem

L1c63x64.sys Atheros LAN driver random blue screen on Win10

lag on startup between desktop and xp toolbar

Lag on startup and after unlocking

Lag on Windows startup

Lagging and skipping audio

Lagging in shutdown and inability to download windows updates

Laggy PC

Laggy/Bad Video Performance? Or what.

Lan & Wifi adapters not recognizing a connection

Lan Adapter Install Problem

LAN and Internet Issue

LAN and WLAN not connected. apparently.

Lan Card Driver problem

Lan card requires frequent restarts to work ! ? HELP

LAN card/ driver issues

LAN Connected but progrms do not recognize

LAN connection issues

lan connection problem

LAN connection problems

LAN crashes when my computer is turned on/wakes up

LAN driver Probs

LAN issues - help

LAN not showing up in Network Connections - cannot connect to the internet

Lan to Internet problems

Lan-connection stops working

Language Pack Problem (system cannot display)

Language issues in xp

Language specific install/updates display in wrong language.

Languages missing on fresh XP installation.

Laptop - Standby question

laptop acting very buggy - slow

laptop ad-hoc hotspot problem

Laptop and PC boot up to blank screen or unclickable taskbar

Laptop audio device dissapearing + running slow HELP!

Laptop behavin' badly -webpages not responding -trouble with Critical Updates!

Laptop Cannot See Desktop on Network (Suddenly)

Laptop can't find shared docs folder

Laptop can't find network and audio not working

laptop closing problems

laptop constantly cycles between connected and not

Laptop constantly restarting and BSOD issue

Laptop crashes on clean install

Laptop crashes when playing DVD's

Laptop Crashes/AOL Problems

Laptop crashing now won't boot

Laptop Died When Switching from Win 10

Laptop disconnects from internet in sleep mode

Laptop does not recognize older printer!

Laptop doesn't even load bios anymore

Laptop doesn't sleep or hibernate

Laptop doesn't shutdown or restart.

Laptop Drivers Go Unrecognized

Laptop ethernet problem

Laptop Fan Acting Odd.

Laptop freezes after Login

Laptop Freezes at shutdown/hibernate/standby screen.

Laptop freezes and needs restart while watching Online i.e Skype and Slingbox Video.

laptop freezing on login screen

Laptop freezing then restarting on its own

laptop full up with odd programme

Laptop frequently "chimes" for no reason

Laptop getting restart in every 10 minutes

laptop goes to "sleep" overnite and disconnects from the net

laptop going into automatic mute

Laptop Graphics Update Woes

laptop hang on every OTHER boot

Laptop has become so slow its unusable

laptop has slowed down terribly and I cannot connect 2 internet long enough to update

Laptop heat windows 10

Laptop ignores power options

Laptop infected cannot access control panel

Laptop is extremely slow and using high CPU and memory

Laptop Keeps Logging Out right after i press administrator or owner

Laptop lags like mad. Need help!

Laptop Loops on Restart

Laptop momentarily hanging after amd driver update

laptop monitor turn off after restart!

Laptop Mouse responding slow

Laptop Mousepad Not Responding After Keypress

Laptop network connectivity issue

Laptop no longer lets me use any microphone

Laptop Not networking

Laptop problem:Clock won't keep time.

Laptop problems running Maple Story.

Laptop randomly "sleeps"

Laptop reloads desktop icons every 1 to 2 mins.

Laptop repair ( Huge Mess )

laptop restart when idle

laptop restart problem

Laptop resolution too high

Laptop restarting for 12+ hours. HELP!

Laptop restarts itself for no reason.

Laptop restarts once I start to download.

Laptop reverted back to 2008

Laptop running slowwww.long time to acccess internet

Laptop runs Ubuntu but can't load Windows

laptop screen blank after sleep

Laptop screen flashing on & off

Laptop screen flashes and constant sleep after purchasing new battery

Laptop screen was broken before Windows 10 download.

Laptop scroll stops working until reboot?

Laptop shutdown problems (or startup)

Laptop shuts down and restarts into system recovery

Laptop shuts down when enabling wifi

Laptop slows while playing music

Laptop Sound & Video Lagging/Stuttering

Laptop sound output

Laptop Sound Card Issues

Laptop sound gets increasingly distorted

Laptop Standby/Sleep Issue Windows XP - Won't turn back on

Laptop spontaneously reboots

Laptop stuck in constant reboot.

Laptop takes 10 minutes to boot!

Laptop Takes 10 min. to Boot Up!

Laptop takes 10 mins plus to run ok after a reboot

Laptop Takes Ages to boot

Laptop takes LONG time to start and is SLOW

Laptop Takes Forever To Startup/Post

Laptop taking too long to shut down

Laptop thinks it's the year 2815

Laptop to Canon Printer problem

Laptop to TV shows desktop but no DVD playback

Laptop touchpad "tapping" keeps turning itself off.

Laptop Touchpad Driver Problem

Laptop Touchpad sometimes doesn't click

Laptop troubles with drivers

Laptop turns off by itself and tasbar not responding.

Laptop using 100% memory

Laptop volume control pop-up window

Laptop will not boot into windows

Laptop will not Hibernate/Standby

Laptop will not standby or hybernate

laptop windows 7 startup 15 min

Laptop Wireless disconnect when on AC power

Laptop with fresh Windows install crashes randomly

Laptop won't accept desktop screen

Laptop won't boot up after crashing

Laptop won't boot. Continously restarts itself. Due to windows update?

Laptop won't enter standby mode

Laptop wont hibernate

Laptop won't identify my router IP address

Laptop won't mute when earbuds are in

laptop wont recognise password

Laptop wont recover from sleep/hibernation

Laptop won't sleep when idle

Laptop Won't Sleep Sometimes

Laptop won't Standby

Laptop won't standby automatically

Laptop wont turn on after Windows 10 "Anniversary Update"!

Laptop. Windows 10

Laptop.IP Repair help!

Laptop's Sleep Option

Lapttop Reboots

Large Cumulative Update Released For Windows 10

Large Disc Support Windows XP

Large DPI prevents me from boot :S

Large fonts in XP for no reason

Large image of icons left on desktop

Large icons after windows update

Last windows update now can't reboot

Lastest Windows Updates?

Latest ATI driver issue

Latest Microsoft Update

Latest MS Updates Hammered LAN

Latest Norton Internet Security Update Conflicts

Latest Update for Windows 10

Latest update kills computer

Latest Update Resetting Settings

Latest version of DirectX in my PC !

latest win 10 build

latest windows update

Latest Windows Update Connection Problem Snafu

launching browsers erratic or impossible

left-click won't work when holding down any key

Legacy 16 bit application problem on XP

Legacy software on win xp

Lenovo G50 - touchpad locked while holding down a key

Lenovo laptop unexpected hibernation

Lenovo W10 Upgrade Supported Systems

Less RAM size shown

lexmark 3400 series

Lexmark X4550 Won't Install on XP - USB Issue?

Lexmark X4550 printer W7 64 bit not working

LG CD writer is real slow.

LG Studioworks E900b no res over 1024x768

LibraOffice Calc won't seve files on a Windows 10 machine

libraries gone with windows8 HELP!

License Management WMP 11

light blue screen with several large black circles

Lights stay on usb adapter

lil anoying prob with media player 10

Limit bandwidth for specific application

Limited access over ethernet after bootup.

Limited Internet Connectivity on Startup

limited or no connectivity ics nic wifi usb modem

Limited or no connectivity using LAN ethernet but can connect via WiFi

Limited User - Startup programs

Limited-Scope Slowdown of PC and Blue-Screening

Line In Sound Card Trouble

Linksys wireless card not does not see Netgear router

LinkSys Working Need Windows Help

liteon cd-rom ltn526d - It doesnt read my CD ROMS

Lite-on CD-RW won't read

liteon cd-rom ltn526d - It doesnt read my CD's!

Liteon DVDRW causing sound conflict

LiveMail contacts copying

Load OE on boot

loading desktop after restart is slow

Loading disks for windows 95 onto windows10

loading Microsooft Office97

Loading Office 2000 on Win ME

Loading Settings.Saving Settings Startup Problem

Loading thumbnails for entire folder

Loading XP - jraid.sys is corrupt

Loads of probs with new PC.

Local area connection doesnt work!

Local Area Connection not listed in IPCONFIG

Local Area Connection? Network Adapter? HELP PLZ!?

local network connection not working HELP!

Local Printing Problem

Local Printers won't print after installing Windows Updates

Locate Link Browser Message

Locate Link Browser Mess-up

locating link browser

location of themes and backgrounds

Locked folder and cannot regain control

Locked keys at start-up?

Locked in windows logo page for password

Locked out of laptop after downloading critical updates! HELP!

Locking Up Computers on Network

locking up issues

lockup & startup woes please help

lockscreen Windows 10

Log for restricted Admin account - missing control panel

log in email wrong

Log in issues followed by system restore issue and.

Log in problem (cant choose other users)

Log in screen no loading

log on screen when restart comp

Log on screen hang

Log on screen/Password Protected Looks Different

Log off sound

Logging in to windows 10

logging into new user admin account

logging off and on causing time change ?

logging on to a wireless

logging on with pin

Logi.dll.can't get rid of it

Login and Restart Problems

login and systems automatically logouts me out

login problems on startup

Login process for XP fails - just comes back to log in screen

Login Screen Malfunction

Login Screen Issues

login then logs out immediatly

Logitech G5 Mouse has issues with windows 7

Logitech G7 Mouse just stopped working.

Logitech HID-compliant Cordless Mouse - middle mouse button issue

logitech messenger drivers

Logitech MX600 wireless laser mouse problem

Logitech web cam problem

Logitech webcam always freezing

Logitech Webcam issue

Logitech Webcam Problems

logon langage problems

logon password for windows

Logon Screen Help Please!

Log-on Screen Fails To Load

Logon Screen Keeps Displaying

logon screen problem

Log-on screen suddenly changed--how to fix?

Loking for program

Long boot times on new computer after install of equipment

Long boot up time

Long Boot Up/Login/ShutDown Times Help

Long boot and constantly accessing hd.

Long boot time problem

Long delay in "My Computer" loading plus other folder delays

Long delay to boot

Long delay when opening IExplorer and network files/folders

Long hibernation time

Long login time slow startup after installing nvidia drivers

Long Pause At Startup

Long Shot Request: Panasonic CF-29 Serial Port

Long Start Up Delay on Qosmio Laptop

long time to get C: to display files/folders

Long wondows boot and shutdown. need massive help pelase!

Looking for a program

Looking for a way to host an old version of DOS within Windows

Looking for a way to transfer software from XP PC to new Vista PC

Looking for prog. that dims screen when viewing movies

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