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KHHEB.DLL is slowing down my computer

Kids Computer runs slowly-Help

Laggy Laptop- Any way to Fix this?

Lap top is running extremely sluggish.

Laptop become slow :(

Laptop extremely slow

laptop geting slow

Laptop gone slower

laptop going REALLY slow

Laptop gone very slow

laptop has become very slow - logfiles included

laptop has slowed to a stop. Help please!

Laptop is running very slowly.

Laptop is slow

laptop is very slow recently.

Laptop is working very slow

laptop is VERY slow!

laptop is very slow.need help to clean up computer

Laptop keeps slowing to a stop when logging onto the system.

Laptop Loading Time ?

Laptop not nearly as fast as it used to be

Laptop moving very slow!

laptop painfully slow

Laptop Performing Extremely Slow

Laptop performance slowing

Laptop Problems (Extremely Slow)

laptop really slow

Laptop realllly slow!

Laptop Runing Slow

Laptop running extremely slow

Laptop running incredibly slow

Laptop running really slow

Laptop running quite slow

Laptop running slow

Laptop running pretty slow these days

Laptop running pretty slow

Laptop Running Slow - Need Help Cleaning it up!

Laptop running realy slow

Laptop running sluggish

Laptop running slowwwwww

laptop running to slow

Laptop running super slow

Laptop Running Too Slow

Laptop running very slow recently

Laptop running very slowly

Laptop running tooooo slow.

Laptop running very very slowly

Laptop running unusually slow. please help!

Laptop Running VERY SLOW ! Can you help?

Laptop running very slow PLEASE HELP!

laptop runs slow

Laptop runs extremely slow

Laptop seems to be slowing down. Need Check up

Laptop slow

Laptop slowdown

Laptop slow to respond

laptop slowed down

Laptop Slow. Please Help!

laptop slowed down enormously

laptop slow to load applications

Laptop slowed WAY down.

Laptop Slowing Down These Days

laptop slower

Laptop Slowness

laptop slowwwwwwwww

Laptop sluggish

Laptop so slow almost useless

Laptop speed slowed considerably

laptop takes ages to load . very slow !

Laptop turns slow

Laptop Using Too Much Memory And Runs Slow!

Laptop VERY slow

Laptop very very slow

Loaded SP 2 and slowed machine

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