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I've got the Search/Redirect too.

jump virus - google links redirecting

Jump/Redirect from Google search

Jumping and redirecting google results

Jumping Pop-ups + Google Redirect Sites

Jumping Virus redirecting (trying scanning

Jump-Redirect Virus - Please help

Just another Google redirect plea

keep being redirected

Keep being redirected to other sites

Keep gettin redirected during google searches

keep getting redirected

keep getting redirected and cant run a virus scan or anything

keep getting redirected and hjt wont run

Keep getting redirected from google

Keep getting redirected to other sites

keep getting redirected by search fast results

Keep getting redirected to malware site

Keep getting redirected when clicking on google search

Keep getting redirected when I select Google links in searches

laptop infected with url redirect virus

Likely (another Redirecting) Virus Problem

lil redirect problem

Link redirect malware

Link redirect problem

Link Redirection Virus

Links are getting redirected!

Links bringing me to wrong sites- HJT log inside

Links being redirected

Links get redirected

Links hijacked in google & pop-up box

Links in Google redirect to differint sites.

Links in Google search being hijacked

Links in google search- getting redirected

links in ie7 and firefox repeatedly redirect to random pages

Links in search results redirected in IE

Links in Search Results Redirected

Links on google redirecting

Links Redirected

Links redirected to wrong sites

Links redirecting to different sites.

Looking for help with redirect Malware

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