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Laptop Battery or Laptop itself?

laptop closes down without warning

laptop crashes evertime i shut it?

laptop cuts out on battery power

Laptop got the power source cut off unexpectedly

Laptop powering off

Laptop Randomly Turns Off When In Battery

Laptop randomly shutting down (battery problem?)

Laptop Shutdown Please Help

laptop shutdown and battery query

Laptop Shutdown Issues (different than most)

laptop shuts down

Laptop shuts down after a few minutes running

Laptop shuts down - HARD

laptop shuts down aim

Laptop shuts down in 60 seconds when connected to internet

laptop shuts down by itself

Laptop shuts down unexpectedly

Laptop shuts down while I use it

Laptop shuts down when trying to convert a video

Laptop Shuts Down Randomly

Laptop shuts down when battery reaches 100%?

Laptop shuts off by itself!

Laptop Shuts Itself Down

Laptop shuts down when plugged into docking station

Laptop shuts off for fun

laptop shuts off on it own

Laptop shuts off at 17% on battery?

Laptop Shuts OFF during XP Install. BAD HD ?

Laptop shuts off instantly without warning.

Laptop shuts off when battery is in bay

laptop shuts off when playing games

Laptop Shutsdown Immediately upon Starting Game

Laptop shuts off without warning

laptop shutsdown after a few mins

Laptop Shutsdown on its own

Laptop suddenly powers off and restarts itself when I play most games.

laptop suddenly turning off- battery's fault or not?

Laptop switches off randomly (NOT heat-related)

laptop turns off when runnning on battery.

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