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keeps restarting and stops responding when trying safe mode and restore features

labtop crashes and it's almost new

Lapptop gets hanged now and then

Laptop Also Freezing

Laptop ALWAYS freezes after a while

laptop crash when power supply is plug in

Laptop Crashes and don't work when plugged into the charger

Laptop crashes on power cord but not battery

Laptop freezes - why?

laptop freezes

Laptop freezes after plugging in AC adapter

laptop freezes after five minutes of use

laptop freezes after startup and sound doesn't work

Laptop freezes all the time!

Laptop freezes after startup w/HJT log

laptop freezes and viruses

Laptop freezes every time i log in!

Laptop freezes playing .mpg's

Laptop freezes constantly!

Laptop freezes frequently

laptop freezes up briefly

Laptop freezes unless in Safe mode

Laptop freezes for minutes at a time

Laptop Freezes Unless Plugged in to a/c Adapter

Laptop freezes up every 20 minutes

Laptop freezes when I hold down any key.

laptop freezes when plugging and unplugging AC power adapter

Laptop freezing even during factory reset HELP please

Laptop Freezing / Locking Up

Laptop freezing frequently

Laptop freezing Randomly! Please Help

Laptop freezing. Virusguard locks up.

Laptop locking up: hd

Laptop locking up.

Laptop locking up: memory

laptop locks up

Laptop randomly freezes/shuts down

Laptop screen and notebook cpu freeze?

Laptop screen freezes

Laptop Still Freezing. even after Recovery

Laptop. freezes once in a while in games

Locks up only when powercord is plugged in

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